Saturday, September 19, 2009

First night our at Barcelona!!

It was such a mess, but we really had fun.
The problem was that we left home too late, and when we arrived to the clubs they were all aready closign, or you had to pay among 12€ or 20€. was very cold...we had to wait 'till 5 a.m. when they open the metro, and then come back home. But we had fun, we did.
And this afternoon guess who's going shopping in Barcelonaaaa...yes!! mee!!!

That's what I wore Wednesday, I went to Barcelona and I didn't had class.
Ankle boots: ZARA (bought them in England!!)
Jeans: H&M (again, yes, that's why I have to go shopping, I just have 2 jeans)
T-shirt: DECATHLON (bought it in France)

And this is what I wore on Thursday, my first day of official class.
Sneakers: CONVERSE
Jeans: H&M
T-shirt: ZARA
Bag: H&M
Bracelet: SIX

Sylsil x x x

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