Sunday, September 20, 2009

After the storm

It's raining outside my window. It's a huge storm although it's been a very nice day.
It is also the third day of the Cibeles Fasion week, Madrid (50th edition!!). Here's a video of one of my favourites designers, Hannibal Laguna.

Look at those beautiful dresses! They're just SO ELEGANT!! I love all of them. One must feel very special wearing an Hannibal Laguna. I wish I will someday :)

Here's the programing for tomorrow:

10:30 Javier Larrainzar
12:00 Andres-Sarda
13:30 Alma Aguilar
15:00 Roberto Torretta
16:30 Duyos
18:00 Elio Berhanyer
19:30 Antonio Miró
21:00 Jesús del Pozo
21:00 Carmen March
21:00 María Lafuente

Yay it stopped raining!


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