Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Out a few days

Hello there!!
I've out a few days because I didn't have class and I went home for the weekend. I went shopping so later I'll make some pictures of what I bought and I'll show you :)
Now I just watched the second episode of the second season of Gossip girl...Poor Blair...but what did she expected?? She's not in Yale...and the party on the roof was more realistic than the sushi one...anyway I don't like Georgina at all, and I don't like her with Dan...
And all the Serena stuff (looking for her dad and everything) is just for making her stay in NY and continue in the show. If she leaves for Brown, no more Serena...and no more gossip girl! So, in one side I think it's stupid she doesn't go to Brown (I wish so much I could!) but in the other side I'm glad she stays. I love her!!
Have to go!!

x o x o


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  1. Me gusta tu blog! (: Te sigo!

    I like you blog! I follow you! ;)